Brendon Samuel - Creative Designer

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Brendon Samuel - Creative Designer

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Brendon Samuel - Creative Designer

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  • PRINT Design

    Over 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the print and design industry. Print has moved along way in the last 2 decades and is still a big powerful element within the media and marketing industry. Every trade needs print along with digital design, to stay in touch with their customers and stay ahead in the market.

  • DIGITAL Design

    Through the years digital formats have pushed through and dominate a large part of the media industry. Brendon has grown and adapted to the rise of demand for digital graphics. Along with producing graphics for digital media, Brendon has educated himself in WordPress / Html / XML / CMS / and is currently studying Flash.

  • SOUND Design

    Creativity does not stop with Brendon. Music production started as a passion, outside of graphic design and through the years has grown to a professional standard and status. Both music and graphics have a powerful partnership in media. With his own studio and decades producing music, Brendon can bespoke music for presentations, video and promotional campaigns.

  • Photography

    Photography and photo retouching is an art that grows with technology. Starting photography in a dark room to todays digital media is an educating experience. Retouching service has been required on numerous occasions by modelling agencies and hair salons. Photoshop retouching is a skill that Brendon has mastered.

  • Visual Design

    Product, exhibition and interior design all require visual design for financers and investors. From blue prints or sketches, visuals can be created to enhance to sale of your product. The first visualisation from creation.

  • Marketing

    The power of marketing. Strategic design and implementation within your trade that exposes your product to a wider audience. Not only is it important for a successful business to have a strong marketing strategy, but it must also strive to keep pushing in staying ahead in the industry. Intelligent design and marketing is a powerful business tool.

  • Customer Service

    Customer service and client relations will always be a number one factor. Without your clients, there would be no business. "Its important that your clients take the creative journey with you an be apart of the creative process".

  • Proactive

    Brendon has experience in building a structure for a graphic design and marketing department. Throughout his career he has created systems for corporate companies and whilst at Islington Council had his design process signed off and approved by local government for neighbouring councils. For any company to function successfully, systems and process have to be running smoothly.

  • NDA Experienced

    Within his career Brendon has signed non disclosure agreements on multiple projects. Including Malaysian, Cambodian and Sudanese Government to name a few.


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